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La Nana

LaceWhisper Paris

LaceWhisper Paris

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  1. 精心設計的透氣縷空杯面,為您帶來舒適的穿戴體驗,讓肌膚得以呼吸。
  2. 超薄杯設計,提供輕盈感受,使您能夠自信地穿著各種衣物。
  3. 特別配置軟鋼圈支撐,有效提升胸部,同時收副乳,防下垂情況。
  4. 獨特的可拆卸肩帶設計,讓您隨心所欲地選擇穿著方式,擁有多種風格。無論是普通肩帶還是無肩帶,都能帶來完美的穿戴體驗。
  5. 四排兩扣設計,讓您可以根據需要調整胸圍,確保舒適貼合感和支撐效果。無論您的胸圍變化如何,都能輕鬆地調整,保持理想的穿著狀態。


  1. Carefully designed breathable lace cup surface provides you with a comfortable wearing experience, allowing your skin to breathe.
  2. Ultra-thin cup design offers a lightweight feel, enabling you to confidently wear a variety of outfits.
  3. Specially designed with soft steel underwire for effective support, lifting your bust while also preventing sagging and controlling side bulges.
  4. The unique detachable shoulder strap design allows you to choose your preferred style. Whether it's regular straps or going strapless, you can enjoy a perfect wearing experience.
  5. Four-row, two-hook design allows you to adjust the band size as needed, ensuring a comfortable fit and supportive effect. No matter how your bust measurements change, you can easily make adjustments to maintain the ideal wearing condition.



    ※ Keep in mind, darker shades may have some color bleed. To avoid any mishaps, it's best not to wash them with lighter or white garments. Also, be sure to avoid prolonged dampness.
    ※ Please note that the product colors may vary slightly from what's shown due to various fabric placements. This can also affect pattern placement and overall appearance.
    ※ While we strive for accurate sizing, please allow for some slight discrepancies as each piece is manually measured by hand.

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