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透氣小孔·清爽無鋼圈育乳Breathable Bra

透氣小孔·清爽無鋼圈育乳Breathable Bra

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最近天氣十分炎熱,每天穿著Bra都會讓人出汗不止,這款透氣胸圍Breathable Bra,非常適合這樣的天氣,穿著就能有個涼爽愉快的夏日


  1. 前杯採用小孔透氣薄杯設計,讓肌膚能夠透過多個小孔呼吸,保持清爽
  2. Bra的後背採用透氣清爽布料,確保背部能夠保持涼爽,不會感到悶熱
  3. 採用育乳升Cup設計,讓您的事業線看起來更加迷人
  4. 3D立體設計,貼身支撐胸型,保持舒適的同時,呈現出美麗的曲線
  5. 配備3排扣,同時還有腋下協高設計,幫助改善副乳問題
  6. 無鋼圈舒適設計,感受到無壓力的穿著體驗
  7. 肩帶可進行調節,確保能夠找到最適合的穿著方式



※ Keep in mind, darker shades may have some color bleed. To avoid any mishaps, it's best not to wash them with lighter or white garments. Also, be sure to avoid prolonged dampness.
※ Please note that the product colors may vary slightly from what's shown due to various fabric placements. This can also affect pattern placement and overall appearance.
※ While we strive for accurate sizing, please allow for some slight discrepancies as each piece is manually measured by hand.

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